This page will show and describe some basic computer skills that I teach in my classes. These are not anything mind blowing, but do help make life easier.

Skill #1: Find Option

When I work with students who need to dig deep into information and begin reading lengthy articles or books it is amazing how much they don't know about being savvy with their time. One of the simple tools I teach is the Ctrl+F option. This creates a little search box on the screen. Students can type in a key word and the search will highlight all the places that word or phrase appears.

Studies show that people who use Ctrl+F can be up to 12% faster -

Skill #2: Capture Screen Image

Every single student should know how to do this. I teach my students this because if they ever need to capture something offensive or have questions with items from home or study hall they can always capture the image in the moment.

On a PC simply press the PrtScn button. I teach my students to paste (Ctrl+V) into Paint and then crop as necessary. Save it as a .jpg file and you are good to go.
The Snipping Tool method works with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, and with Windows Vista editions except Starter and Home Basic

On a MAC you can do one of the following:
1. Command-Shift-3 - captures your entire screen.
2. Command-Shift-4 - captures the portion of your screen that you want a screenshot of by using the crosshair.
3. Command-Shift-4, then space bar, then click on a window - when you hit the spacebar your crosshair will then turn into a camera action. Move it to any open window that you have and now can take a screenshot.

Skill #3: Highlight, Copy, and Paste

1. Ctrl Key + A = Select All (Highlights everything on that page)
2. Ctrl Key + C = Copy everything Selected (Highlighted)
3. Ctrl Key + X = Cut selection from the selection
4. Ctrl Key + V = Paste Copied selection


Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 5.52.38 AM.png

Skill #4: Other Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Ctrl Key + B = Change selected word or letter to Bold

2. Ctrl Key + U = Change selected word or letter to Underline

3. Ctrl Key + I = Change selected word or letter to Italic type

4. Ctrl Key + P = Print the current page or screen on your printer

5. Ctrl Key + F = Type the word you want the computer to Find

6. Ctrl Key + Z = Undo last Cleared item

Bonus Skill: Turn Screen on the side
Here's one my students love--Ctrl+Alt+arrow key. That turns the screen on its side!