My list of tools I use for my Personal Learning Network. This is still a work in progress and will hope to have this all updated by end of April 2013

Everything runs and operates through my blog -

1. Twitter -

2. Google Communities

3. Feedly - I am still quite angry with Google shutting down Google Reader in July so here is Feedly, my tool to replace Google Reader

Here is my rant about Google Reader -

My 2 ¢ worth about losing Google Reader

Here is an article to help get started with Feedly -
Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly | Building Feedly

Here is my Feedly home page in case you want to see some of who I follow


4. Diigo - here is a link to my Diigo

Diigo allows you to bookmark websites, links, photos,etc. You can leave sticky notes on websites for future reference. You can share into groups and make these private or public. I use Diigo for our robotics team for research as well for my classroom. A great tool to have in your PLN.

5. Edmodo
6. LinkedIn
7. Facebook
8. Instagram
9. Flickr
10. Pinterest