Here is a list of tricks for Google to help you become more efficient.

Use Google as Timer with a Simple Search Command

Google Alerts - a tool to keep you informed of certain topics of your choice as they develop.

1. Go to
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 1.30.14 PM.png

2. Fill in your topic in the search and choose the settings you like
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 1.30.35 PM.png
3. Hit CREATE ALERT and you have the alerts ready to go.

Google Search

1. Filter by Reading Level -

2. Filter Image search by color

Step 1: Go to the advanced search option for Google Images

external image color2.png

Step 2. Once to the advanced page choose the color you want by selecting it in the options. In this case I am searching for blue even though I have not switched it from red yet in this screenshot.

external image color1.png

Step 3: Type in your word and you will then have your topic by color choice. So my coffee search with the color blue provides me all I need!

external image color3.png