Here are the ways I use my cell phone on a daily basis

1.I use the Class Dojo app to track behavior, participation, learning styles, basically anything I want as a teacher.


2. I use my camera to take pictures of my whiteboard for notes to be posted on Edmodo, my blog, students who were sick, or just to remember what I shared from class to class.

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3. I use my camera to capture key learning moments for me to reflect on and remember key elements to my teaching


4. I use the Voice Recorder or any other audio app to record my voice. I don't always have time to write down ideas so I will speak them instead and refer to them later when I have time to process.

5. I have used my phone and the multiple apps available for teaching purposes from triangulating rockets to a countdown timer, to recording Voicethread.

6. Portfolio creation - my wife just reminded me that she uses her phone to take pictures of items in class, her teaching, notes, projects, etc. and then has a collection of visuals to use for artifacts in her portofolio.