Here is a list of apps I use in my classroom.

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Notability - I love this app for my iPad. It allows me to read PDF files. Not only that but I can highlight, type, and mark the text. My favorite feature is recording my voice. For a perfect example, I was reviewing a book a student of mine wrote. I used this app to highlight passages and also speak my ideas into the iPad. When I finished I was able to email the student all my notes, highlights, and voice recordings in one bundle. Very easy to use and one that I could foresee using more and more as I continue to strive to go paperless in my classroom.

Easybib App - I love this app. Simply scan the barcode and the app cites the information for you. I use this when in a bookstore and want to remember a book to read later.

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Class Dojo

This is a great classroom management tool. Through the use of the website and app I track behavior, student participation, and also learning style information. You can make it fit your needs. Very easy to use and great r
esource. You can even share the data with parents.

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Here is a list of free apps for education.